It’s always a hard decision to remove a tree from your garden but if it had become a nuisance or was diseased/dying, it was for the best.  Inevitably after cutting down a tree, there is a stump.

This might be something fairly shallow and close to the ground, or it might be more substantial, a stump with some height.

You can make a great feature of a tree stump, something that adds a little extra to your home and garden décor. Here are some ideas. 

For the garden: 

Make a planter in situ

Leaving the stump in its existing position, it makes a very good, stable static planter. Generally, it is just a case of hollowing out as much of the trunk as required to hold the plants of your choice. Fill the stump with soil or compost, add your plants and watch them grow. 

There really is no limit to this. Obviously take into account the size of the stump but you might grow posies, bulbs, or even spreading plants that will overhang and drape the stump.

Make a mobile planter

Ask your tree removal service to cut a length of the stump/trunk that you can use as a planter anywhere you choose. You can either hollow it out to make a trough or drill holes large enough to take plants or plant pots. 

For the home:

Coffee/occasional table

There are so many ways that a stump can be transformed into a coffee table. It's charm is that it will be totally unique because no tree stump is the same.  You can use the stump as a base and add a top of your choice, or you might fix wheels to the stump. 


Wood is a great material with which to create items for your dining table. It can be made into place mats (thin circles of wood from the trunk) with matching coasters (circles of wood from branches). A small stump can be the base for a dramatic centrepiece 

To find inspiration for any tree stump project, just browse the internet. For stump, tree, and branch projects, you might need to ask your arborist to get involved.

Generally, when a tree is felled, it is cut into pieces for ease of transport. Ask them to cut off the lengths you want for your DIY project. 

Of course, there’s always the option that you don’t want anything left behind of your tree. In this case, call us for our stump removal service.

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