Why do tree stumps need to be removed?

As harmless as it seems after you have had a tree felled it is always advised to seek stump removal.

There are a few reasons for this.

First and foremost it can lead to what is referred to as ‘suckering’ where new roots will start sprouting from the trunk and could lead to growth again.

If the tree stump is totally dead there will be no chance of suckering. However, it can play host to diseases such as honey fungus

The roots of tree stumps can also stretch far away and can potentially damage nearby pavements as they are quite strong and also could potentially damage underwater pipes.

It is for all of these reasons when you have had a tree removed you should then look to be getting the stump removed. 

How are stumps removed?

If you’re considering stump removal there are a few methods you can utilise in order to get it removed for good.

The most popular and most advised removal method is by physically removing the stump.

For smaller trees you can use a winch or you can get an outside specialist forestry firm to come in and perform the job for you.

They will also use a mini-excavator to ensure that all the roots are taken out subsequently.

For larger trees you’d need to use heavier equipment such as a chainsaw or a stump grinder, again you should always take care if you’re using these tools yourself or preferably hire the services of a qualified and experienced forestry expert so that you can have peace of mind the stump has been removed. 

Another method that isn’t as advised as physical removal is using a stump killer.

You can get these from a range of retailers and from a range of manufacturers.

The method of applying the stump killer will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so you’ll want to follow their preferred steps but generally, you’ll be drilling holes around the stump and pouring the stump killer granules into these holes.

The best time to apply these stump killers would be between autumn and summer and you should refrain from the application of these agents in spring or summer.

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