Have you had a tree removal which has left you with an unattractive stump? Eventually, you may decide that the time has come to talk to a company like Hunter River Trees about the possibility of stump removal for your Cessnock yard.

What you may not realise is that, by asking someone to help you to remove that stump, you may be able to save yourself money that can be put towards making your yard more attractive. 

Avoid regrowth

Perhaps the most important way in which stump removal can help you to save money is by preventing the tree from re-growing. Most tree stumps have the root ball still attached, which means that it is possible for new shoots to appear close to the stump, eventually growing into saplings which have to be professionally removed. Taking care of the stump prevents this possibility in the future. 

Clear space

You might not realise how much more space you have in your yard until Hunter River Trees take away that stump. Suddenly, there is more room in your yard, more space for plants and there is no need to keep mulching the ones that used to grow close to the stump.

The plants are free, and that means saving on expensive fertiliser. 

Avoid risk of root damage

Even if the tree is gone, the roots of the stump can still spread underground. With a lack of nutrients coming from leaves, the roots might seek out other sources, including sewage pipes.

A crack caused by roots forcing themselves through can be an expensive error that might leave you seriously out of pocket. It is much easier to ask Hunter River Trees to clear away the stump first. 

Avoid digging it up yourself

Once you have decided to get rid of the stump, you could be tempted to try to remove it yourself. Gardening accidents are a common cause of hospital visits, and as well as damaging yourself you could cause harm to your yard, or even break your gardening tools. It is better to let us help you than attempt to go it alone. 

Let us save you money today

Want rid of that old stump in your yard? When the time comes, you need to reach out to the team at Hunter River Trees.

Our experts can help you with stump removal in Cessnock as well as other tree services, so reach out to us today for a free quote, either online, or by calling 02-4933-2555 now.

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