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Keep your yard safe, clean and tidy with our range of arborist services at Hunter River Trees. As fully qualified and insured tree experts, we can remove, plant and prune with precision, and with minimal disruption to your surrounding gardens.
Our clients include a long list of residential property owners, as well as council and government contractors, commercial site operators and more. By servicing the greater lower-to-mid Hunter, Maitland and Newcastle area, we can help as many people as possible.
Give us a call to request your free quote or arrange an on-site, no-obligation assessment.
Arborist Items — Tree Service in Maitland
As level 5 Arborists, we're able to perform tree reports, surveys and risk assessments on all types of land and properties.
Tree Removal — Tree Service in Maitland
Overgrown or damaged trees can be risky. Don't wait until it's too late call our arborists to safely remove any hazardous trees.
Stump Removal — Tree Service in Maitland
Putting off removing that pesky stump? Leave it to us! We'll have it removed in no time, removing the tripping hazard and termite target.
Fallen Tree — Tree Service in Maitland
Get the advice you need for your trees without the sales push. Every assessment includes a free quote and a solution to your problem or query.

Why Choose Us for Your Tree Removal

If you’re facing tree removal, it helps to have Hunter River Trees on your side. We are dedicated to helping you take the best care of your trees possible.

There are many reasons why a tree might need to be taken down, including disease. If a tree has died, it should also be removed. Sometimes you simply might not like the tree and want to get rid of it.

No matter the reason, there are several benefits when you choose us for your arborist services.


One of the most important reasons to choose us for your tree service needs is for safety. Unless you have the proper tools and training, it’s not a good idea to try to take your tree down on your own. You should never just cut a tree at the base.

The job actually requires several steps to ensure that no one is injured and no properties are damaged. Our tree removal experts have all the proper equipment and knowledge for getting the job done right.

Insurance and Compliance

Another reason why we’re a great choice for tree services is that we have insurance coverage to give you peace of mind. That means that you won’t be at risk of costs incurred if damage or injury does occur during tree removal. Our experts are also trained and compliant with guidelines and rules in the area so you know the job is going to be done correctly.


In addition to insurance, we also hold certifications from Arboriculture Australia and the International Society of Arborists, which means we are up on all the latest news regarding tree care and have access to trainings and workshops that keep us educated and in the know about all the latest trends and information in the industry.

Combined with our knowledgeable tree care experts, that means you can count on the best job possible.

Great Reviews

If you look at our testimonials page, you’ll notice that our past customers are happy with the job we’ve done, which tells you that you’ll likely be happy as well. One of the best ways to be sure you’ve found the best tree removalist for the job is to see what other people are saying.

Because our customers are so happy with our work, you can be sure you will be too.

When you need tree removal, call us here at Hunter River Trees. You can also use our online contact form if you prefer.

Service Areas

Wherever you are in the mid-to-lower Hunter region, including the surrounding Maitland and Newcastle area. Check out our full list of service areas.