Tree Pruning


Tree Pruning Services In The Hunter Valley

We specialise in tree pruning, achieving the best looking trees throughout the whole region – including Maitland and Newcastle. Trusted by local businesses and government sectors alike, we service residences in the area.

Why do you need pruning in your yard?

When everything has overgrown and you want to clean up your garden, or when you just want to improve the appearance, tree pruning is for you. Likewise, we prune branches that are damaged, rotting away, or likely to fall on your home, powerlines, or the roof of a nearby house.

We are experts at trimming, and our attention to detail means we do so with perfection, always looking to improve the look of your trees.

Emergency tree services

In an emergency situation, such as after an extreme storm, we provide storm damage and repair. We will come to you as soon as we can to repair the damage and make your garden look great again – and be safe for everyone.

Our safety promise

Our highest priority is your safety. All works are carried out to comply with Australian Standard 4373-2007. We are qualified and technically competent to work on your trees, no matter the task. The Australian Standard 4373-2007 was developed in 2007 to protect the consumer against the malpractice that has been prevalent in the industry for years. If you would like to know more, contact us for a friendly and informative advice.

We have an experienced team of experts

Our team has years’ worth of experience in improving the gardens of the residents of the Hunter Valley. A family business, our staff are locally trained to give you personal service that is prompt, hassle-free and extremely high quality.

In Newcastle, Maitland, and the whole region, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for your tree services. Able to combine your pruning with tree removal and lopping or stump removal, we provide  a comprehensive service that you’ll be thrilled with.

Call our arborists to discuss a quote for your service – we will answer any questions you may have to provide you the best quality.