Stump Removal and Grinding


Stump Removal in the Hunter Valley

We are experts at stump removal and grinding in the Hunter Valley region – based in Maitland, we travel anywhere through the Valley, including Newcastle and Cessnock. Every job is completed with your yard’s appearance in mind and we have a dedicated approach to safety.

Why book our stump removal?

We know stumps can be unattractive, inconvenient, and, more importantly, a hazard no matter where they are. They can also attract rot, termites and other pests – which you don’t want in your garden, let alone your home. Further, if someone has an accident because of your stump, you may be up for public liability headaches.

Experience is required to conduct removal and grinding and we proudly boast this as well as professionalism all the way. We have many years of experience in removing and grinding stumps in people’s backyards, and are well aware of the best way to complete each task. Using advanced mechanical equipment, our local tree stump removal service is able to remove stumps from even the tightest spaces, without damaging the lawn or garden around it.

Complete safety techniques

We follow all Australian safety guidelines to guarantee your removal progresses as planned, without any damage to you, your family or your home. Following nation-wide Standard 4373-2007, we provide an honest service that incorporates techniques that care for you.

Our team of professional technicians

We are known in the area for providing quality service to everyone – from commercial businesses, to government departments, to residential homes. We can provide you with the service you need to get the stump removed from your yard.

Let a professional tree serviceman show you how to remove tree stumps, grind that ugly tree stump and give your land or yard a beautiful, clean and unobstructed look. Trained in the local area, we provide prompt and efficient service, showing up at your door on time and always answering your call – whether it be for stumps, tree pruning or tree removal.

Call us in our Maitland base for a free quote in your home in Hunter Valley and Newcastle– we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you should have, to provide you the best service possible.