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Given the dependence on the local economy on the coal industry, the Coalfields have long been the backbone of the Hunter Valley area. Providing a livelihood for many back in the day, today it is a region of New South Wales that many are proud to call home, with the wonderful towns of Paxton, Cessnock and Greta in the area. Once the greatest coalfield in the state, today it is a picturesque region of country townships and Australian bushland.

Hunter River Trees are the leading choice for people it comes to tree pruning and removal services in the Coalfields. Our professional arborists are the best when it comes to helping residents all across the area keep their properties looking neat and immaculate.

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A family-based owned business based in Maitland, we are a team of experts who have been providing people all across the Hunter Valley region with safe and efficient arborist services for many years. Equipped with the knowledge and passion for all things to do with trees, we have a reputation for being the most reliable arborists in the area. Hunter River Trees is a member of industries that include the likes of Arboriculture Australia and the International Society of Arborists, meaning that we are always up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. Look no further than Hunter River Trees for your next tree pruning or stump removal job.

From tree felling to stump removal, we have you covered

Trees need a good pruning once in a while, in order to keep up the appearance of your yards and gardens and also for safety purposes if there are powerlines nearby. Our tree pruning services will have you sorted in no time.

When it comes to troublesome trees or stumps that are in the way on your property, Hunter River Trees provides reliable tree removal and stump removal services. Our arborists are all fully insured, guaranteeing absolute safety.

From Paxton to Greta and everywhere in between, we are the go-to arborist for all tree work.

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